When and How to Outsource Your Software Development

Randy Rayess of VenturePact

Randy Rayess tells us when and how you should outsource development of your software, how to reduce your risk, and the way your team should think about feature prioritization.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 00:52 Why do companies outsource software development?
  • 02:10 What’s the difference between companies that have technology as their core product and “tech-enabled” companies?
  • 05:17 What should you look for in an outsourced development team?
  • 08:03 Why are tools important to you?
  • 09:19 Do you also look at hiring companies to see what tools they use?
  • 11:13 Are there any particular tools that you recommend for remote teams?
  • 14:52 What can I best do to prepare for my first meeting with a development shop?
  • 17:21 How do I go from a high level overview to something I can hand over to developers?
  • 20:13 What should people use to create mockups?
  • 22:52 If you have user stories and flows, is that enough to get an estimate?
  • 25:38 Is there a risk to the client of doing a fixed bid project?
  • 28:45 As a client, what can I do to reduce my risk?
  • 31:57 Should you focus on the critical path first?
  • 36:36 When clients have bad experiences with outsourcing, where do things usually go wrong?
  • 39:20 How do you address a problem that’s occurring with your outsourced team?

"If you take out the innovative technology from Google, they lose a lot of their value."

"The biggest challenge with remote work – as with most relationships – is communication."

"Companies using email to manage task management are usually not building great remote engagements."

"There’s an attribution error that all problems in a dev engagement are a function of the dev team."

"You don’t want to come and say you want to build 100 features and you have a constrained budget."

"Facebook has a lot of features. They also have over 5k engineers working over 10 years on a product."

"What features do you want? Prioritize them. Then think about what’s unique about your application."

"People want estimates for things that are very unclear."

"The more features you have, the more opportunity there is for errors in the estimation."

"What is core? For Google the main value is search. They did not have ads when they launched."

"If Facebook didn’t have a profile page, you could not get value from Facebook."

"People outsource to a country and assume if it didn’t work out, it’s a function of that country."