Stop Treating Email Like the Web

Justine Jordan of Litmus

Justine Jordan explains how your company should treat email, the difference between designing for email and the web, and what you can do to up your open rates.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 00:44 How are most people reading email today?
  • 02:46 What are most companies doing to send email?
  • 04:23 What’s the distinction between transactional and marketing email companies?
  • 06:58 What are the downsides of building your own email platform?
  • 08:35 What are the differences between Mailchimp and Mandrill?
  • 11:30 Is designing an email the same thing as designing a web page?
  • 14:10 What does it mean practically that email and web are different?
  • 16:36 Why is that you might design an email and it looks great in Gmail but it looks completely different in Outlook?
  • 20:20 How do you feel about automated CSS inlining?
  • 22:53 What is responsive design, how does it work, and what does it mean for email?
  • 25:57 Are there any challenges with non-integrated design and development teams where a designer is building an email to look a certain way and now a developer has to try to make it work on different devices?
  • 29:45 What’s the experience difference between responsive and non-responsive emails?
  • 32:57 What happens to my business if my emails look bad on mobile devices?
  • 34:55 What are good takeaways for teams trying to make their emails look good everywhere?
  • 36:25 As a startup, how much work should I be putting into my emails?
  • 38:36 What can I do to support my developers in making email easier?
  • 40:34 Can you share what Litmus does?

"At the beginning of 2011 we had about 8% of emails being opened on mobile devices."

"Now we’re seeing between 49-52% of email traffic opened on mobile."

"You can create your own mailing system but can run into deliverability problem."

"“Blast” is a very bad word in this industry. You never want to send a bomb or a rocket to your customer."

"A transactional or a triggered email is based off a behavior or an activity in your app or product."

"The number one frustration is that a lot of people expect an email to behave like a one page website."

"The technology that an email versus a webpage has to use is very different."

"You’ll commonly hear email referred to as 'code like it’s 1999.'"

"Stop trying to force email to be a webpage."

"You can’t take a page from your website, strip it out, change the content and expect it to look okay."

"Email is also not a website from a strategy and marketing perspective. Email is a driver to the web."

"Half the battle with email is even getting people to open and look at it at all."

"Outlook is actually using Word – which is a word processing program – to read the HTML and display it."

"You just can’t expect anything on the web, including email, to look the same as it does in Photoshop."

"People aren’t that committed to clicking through on your email. They’re not going to work hard to click."

"@BlueHornet: 80% of people would delete email that looked bad on a mobile device. 30% would unsubscribe."