How To Do Quality Assurance Testing

Fred Stevens-Smith of Rainforest

Fred Stevens-Smith of Rainforest explains the need for quality assurance testing and how to actually do it in the resource constrained environment of a startup.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 4:06 What is quality assurance testing?
  • 5:19 What are the main differences between an automated test and a QA test?
  • 7:11 For those of us that have automated tests, do I still need QA tests run by hand?
  • 11:41 What is the difference between an integration test and a unit test?
  • 14:48 What is the Document Object Model (DOM)?
  • 17:49 Who should be writing QA tests?
  • 21:10 How do I shift my perspective from building things to breaking them?
  • 23:33 Why is it problematic to leave QA for the last minute?
  • 27:14 How thorough do our tests need to be?
  • 30:23 What do you to minimize the cost of the time it takes to test?
  • 39:30 How do you balance your team owning QA without getting distracted by building a QA team?

"Majority of our new customers including very big, very large brand names are still testing by hand."

"At Rainforest we’re not ideologically opposed to automation. We just think it’s really overused."

"With integration testing you’re driving an interface designed to be consumed by a human with a machine."

"How did we get to the place where the generally accepted best practice is not very good?"

"At Salesforce or Adobe, 50% of people paid to write code never ship a single line into production."

"You want to test your application in as close to a real world setting as possible."

"A really good QA person can actually start to QA the requirements themselves."

"Things can be really crappy as long as there’s a quantum of utility."

"Good QA people are the customer before the customer."

"Shipping a bug at Facebook scale is pretty catastrophic."

"For tiny company X, a YC company, shipping a bug – while painful – is not the end of the world."

"For 95% of people, QA is not a competitive advantage, so it doesn’t make sense to have it in-house."