Finding Your Technical Co-Founder

Jordan Gal of CartHook

Jordan Gal of CartHook talks about how he found his technical co-founder, how he de-risked his app before building it, and the tension between business and technology requirements.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 2:17 How did CartHook get started?
  • 4:04 How did you find your technical co-founder?
  • 6:55 What stage was CartHook at when you looked for your technical founder?
  • 8:06 What convinced you that you needed to work with someone in-house?
  • 11:35 How was your relationship structured?
  • 14:01 Was your job to just be the idea person?
  • 17:26 What matters to a technical person being approached by a non-technical person?
  • 22:03 What challenges do you face working remotely?
  • 31:21 Should non-technical founders learn how to code?
  • 33:55 How do you stay on the same page with product?
  • 35:15 How do you balance technology and business requirements?

"I don’t do any code. I don’t develop. So I have these ideas and I can’t do them myself."

"There was very little risk of building something that had no market and no ability to sell."

"I did the work. I did the research. I brought as much to the table as possible that was real."

"There’s no chance that I will be anywhere near as good as a lot of people at building technology."

"Product development should be informed by what real people actually want, not what we think is cool."

"I want the business side to win out a little more often than lose."