How to Become an Effective Junior Developer

Louisa Barrett of Haught Codeworks

Louisa Barrett of Haught Codeworks tells us about how to become an effective junior developer. She covers topics like finding a mentor, becoming a better teacher, being an effective pair programmer.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 01:54 Who is a junior developer?
  • 02:59 How did you go from going to an art school to wanting to learn about code?
  • 06:43 How long did it take to become a junior developer?
  • 08:14 How comfortable were you when you first started working out of bootcamp?
  • 09:16 How well do you feel that the dev bootcamp prepared you for starting a job?
  • 11:39 Why is networking so important?
  • 14:02 Why is it so hard to find a mentor?
  • 15:17 What does a mentor help with?
  • 21:27 What is the difference between a helper and a teacher?
  • 26:04 How does one become a better teacher?
  • 28:56 Once you get out of a boot camp, what kind of companies are best to join?
  • 36:18 How to junior developers get off on the right foot?
  • 37:48 Why is pair programming important?

"You’re surrounded by this really positive group of people that are really rooting for you."

"It immerses you in the community a lot, and really sets you up with best practices."

"It’s not just writing Ruby code. It’s understanding Git and GitHub."

"You’re just in the middle of all these companies and various levels of success."

"They started as mentors and then they gradually turned into friends."

"They are hoping you make those connections that are allowing you to understand better."

"Often when it’s the painful part, they’re making the pain face, but they don’t say anything."

"Start some place that’s going to let you move slowly and deeply understand what you’re doing."

"Startups are not the best fit for most boot camp graduates."

"As a junior you really get a ton out of working with a senior person."