How to Launch Products in Under Two Weeks

Mubashar Iqbal of

Mubashar Iqbal, the #1 product maker on ProductHunt, tells us about how he launches products that people use in weeks, not months.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 00:57 What is Mubashar’s Background?
  • 02:11 What does being the most featured maker on Product Hunt mean?
  • 03:25 What helped you to become
  • 05:22 What does the “featured” product distinction mean?
  • 06:27 What was important in different products that ended up making them get featured?
  • 07:40 What is it that you do to ensure not overbuilding?
  • 12:13 What is your feature-building process?
  • 14:13 Where do you draw the line between building a feature now vs later?
  • 17:38 How do you make yourself comfortable with pushing products out when they’re ready to be pushed out?
  • 19:43 How do you handle requests for features?
  • 26:01 How has the adding features metric changed since you originally launched the project?
  • 27:00 Do you use quantitative data in addition to doing qualitative customer development?
  • 28:06 What kind of long-term success have you seen with your products and what has made a difference between the ones that are ones that are successful over time and the ones that go wayside?
  • 31:50 Is there an example of an app that you built in the past where you built way too much?

"Over the last eight months, I’ve had 16 different products featured."

"My potential users, are they really gonna sign up and take the time to enter all this information?"

"There’s those things that kind of every site needs, and those you kind of just start with."

"I can launch it now, or I can wait and then add that feature and then launch it as well."

"If I don’t have this pre-launch, will it affect whether people value the idea or not?"

"When it comes to clients, it’s kind of all about the schedule."

"Rather than saying no, it’s more about saying not now."

"It all goes back to getting it to market as fast as you can."

"They’re afraid to launch because once they do, they know whether it’ll succeed or fail."