How to Keep Code Quality High

Michael Bernstein of CodeClimate

Michael Bernstein of Code Climate explains how to monitor your code's quality with static analysis. He tells us how you can maintain or improve quality over time, and what you can do to fix poor code.

"Code that is high quality is easy to read, easy to change, easy to think about."

"The computer doesn’t care how your code is written as long as it’s syntactically correct."

"Code is equal parts communication for other human beings as it is communication for computers."

"If you have a team of developers there’s a mandate that you write code in a way that’s easy to understand."

"Even if I’m working on code that’s very well-tested, I still prefer documentation to give context."

"Developers spend more time consuming code than they spend writing it."

"Code that is low quality lacks documentation, tests, a clear organizational structure."

"Code is modular if you can change one piece of it and it doesn’t break another piece of it."

"Teams that use static analysis tools can’t ignore the impact the code they’re pushing has over time."

"The goal is not to have a 4.0 in your codebase. The goal is to not make that worse over time."

"We feel our tool gives visibility into what developers are actually spending their time doing."

"Test coverage is a measure of how good your tests are, but it should never be used as the only measure."