Building Modern Web Applications

Tom Dale of Ember.js

Tom Dale tells us about building modern web applications that are becoming increasingly like native apps. We discuss JavaScript frameworks like Ember and the future of the web.

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 00:43 What is the difference between websites and web applications?
  • 03:05 What is a single page web application?
  • 07:39 How is the web different today with client-side interactivity?
  • 10:21 What changes in the way the web works have paved the way for better web apps?
  • 14:30 What do you see on the horizon for the web?
  • 18:52 How is the extensible web manifesto playing out in practice?
  • 21:46 What does it mean for developers that the browsers and standards are moving faster?
  • 25:16 How do you think about the landscape of the various JavaScript frameworks?
  • 29:43 How would you convince me to prefer convention over configuration?
  • 34:14 How do you decide which framework to use?
  • 41:35 Do you think progressive enhancement and unobtrusive JavaScript are still realistic?
  • 52:50 What is the state of the URL in web applications right now?
  • 53:31 What is routing?
  • 55:22 What excites you about the future of Ember?

"I actually really dislike the term single page app because you’d think it doesn't have multiple pages."

"Remember MapQuest where you’d click to go right and then you’d wait for the page to reload?"

"In a lot of ways the browser is becoming just as capable as an operating system."

"A lot of people have internalized the pace of the web platform as being very glacial."

"I bet if you’re on Chrome you probably have no idea what version you’re using. You don’t think about it."

"I hate manifestos and everyone that signs them. However, I did help write and then sign a manifesto."

"Don’t give us the feature. Give us the building blocks that let us build the feature ourselves."

"More and more you’re no longer going to be constrained by the capabilities of the platform."

"Designers don’t always like working with web developers as opposed to native developers."

"The average web developer is going to have to get used to saying yes instead of no to a lot of UIs."

"A renaissance of the web is happening and getting to participate in that is really rewarding."

"Things like @npmjs and @bower make it really easy to package up your code and share it with people."

"We’ve been working on tools like @embercli that make it easy to build applications."

"There’s a subset of the JS community that are Amish coders. They want to build everything from scratch."

"We learned from @angularjs the benefits of reusable components."

"If you have a style of working that makes you productive, I don’t really care how you build your software."

"I think it’s just not feasible to ask developers to build two apps and then fuse them together."

"Every time I open @EmberWeekly, I’m just like, ‘Oh wow, that’s really cool! I didn’t know about that!’"