How to Ship Well-Tested Software Faster

Florian Motlik of Codeship

Florian Motlik on how testing and validation using the continuous integration and deployment model results in manageable, quality software (and how Codeship can help).

  • Here's what to listen for:
  • 0:52 What is continuous integration?
  • 4:37 What is source control?
  • 7:50 What is automated testing?
  • 18:59 What is high-level testing and what is low-level testing?
  • 25:26 How can we invest in testing and testing infrastructure?
  • 32:52 How should we try and test?
  • 37:22 Where do you draw the line on what you shouldn't test?
  • 40:56 How can I determine if features are tested enough to put in front of customers?
  • 42:49 Does doing continuous integration mean my app is bug-proof?
  • 44:54 What is continuous deployment?
  • 50:47 What's your recommended workflow for small startups?

"The earlier we find any problems the cheaper it is to resolve."

"Continuous integration dramatically lowers the chances of bugs creeping in."

"Testing is really a tool to step into the shoes of your customers."

"Setting up a CI system today is something that can be done in a few hours max."

"Setting up the workflow and putting in one test shows the benefit pretty quickly."

"You need to be able to ship several times a day automatically."